Friday, 10 June 2016

Tythonian Abuse!

A few days ago, we were contacted by a Padawan named Matare. He had some truly disturbing information for us so we had no other choice but visit Tython and investigate.


Tython - We travelled to Tython and arranged an interview with Matare to collect more details on the whole scandal. Matare claims that Padawans are continuously abused and bullied by Jedi Masters. Here is a transcript of certain bits from our interview:

Journalist: "So what you're saying is that you're forced to carry out menial tasks while your masters play drinking games in the Temple cantina?"
Matare: "Exactly. Man, those guys are wicked! I can't catch a break!"
Journalist: "I though performing these tasks was a common part of Jedi training..."
Matare: "Yeah, I guess. But I can't wait to get this over with, become a real deal badass Jedi and stop caring about other stuff all the force-damn time.
Journalist: "But isn't caring about others and serving them the true Jedi way?"
Matare: "Oh man!"

"We're forced to do their dirty work while they're drinking their faces off in the cantina!"

We also scheduled an appointment with Matare's master, Kaldona, to ask him about his opinion on the whole matter. Here is a transcript of our short conversation:

Journalist: "Excuse me, master Jedi. Do you have a moment for a short interview?
Kaldona: "Greetings, traveller...*hic* What is it that you seek?
Journalist: "Umm, we've heard rumours about Jedi masters mistreating some of the padawans..."
Kaldona: "Well, those rumours are entirely untrue, of course. We would.. *hic* we would never stoop to such behaviour, I can assure you."
Journalist: "Master Jedi, is that licquor on your breath?
Kaldona: "May the Force be *hic* you, traveller!"

"We would never stoop to such behaviour."

Unfortunately, we were not allowed inside the Jedi Temple for "security reasons", so we couldn't check the situation in the local cantina. We asked several other Jedi Masters who were outside the temple but all of them denied knowing of any abusive behaviour. We will have to take their word for it.

Let us know what you think! Do Jedi have a tendency to boss people around? And what about drinking problems?



The transcript of the original in-game conversation between Kaldona and Matare (fully voiced in-game):




  1. I think that's a very... loose interpretation of that conversation. :P